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I’m more than a Coach & Writer, I help other coaches break barriers in many areas of their lives. I act as a catalyst — helping you connect with your true inner-being — evolving to become the best version of yourself, your higher self. As a Coach myself, I understand that sometimes we need someone to confide in for guidance and support. That is where I step-in. My approach provides an intuitive understanding of your personal goals, motivating you to discover your truest passions so that you may begin to live in your purpose. There is life outside of coaching and I want to help you find that balance and tap into your inner joy.


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As a clairsentient who is on a spiritual journey and committed to living my passion and purpose, I am a witness to the challenges that we face as coaches and healers. We want to help others find their calling and lead them towards a life of healing as well, but we must not forget about our own healing and wellness. It is important to know that we too need support, understanding and compassion; to be held accountable for the joy in our own lives. We have to take care of self and make sure that we are well in order to be of beneficial service to others. We can’t forget that the most important person to nurture is ourselves!
— tiffany, TNH Wellness
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TNH Wellness Testimonial, Christa Green
I have known Tiffany for over 20 years and she has always had this innate ability to know the right things to say or do to bring comfort to those around her. She truly has a gift of tapping into others to help them heal. It has been a blessing to have her in my life!
— Christa Green, Director of Groovin’ Down the Yellow Brick Road Productions
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The alignment calls are my Tune-In Phone Sessions™. These sessions are designed to lead you on your path to self-discovery. As a Coach, you have to also set aside time to focus on your personal passions in life, separate from your coaching life. What are the things that feed your soul and the things that you truly enjoy doing in your spare time? What motivates you to get going when things get tough? During our talks, you’ll have an opportunity to openly discuss with me where you are on your wellness and spiritual journey, and the areas that you would like to improve. The aim is to find holistic solutions that you can fit into your daily lifestyle so that you may continue to operate from a place of alignment. We will chat via phone once a week.



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